Impulsitvity’ Gene Can Be Passed From Parents To children


New Research has revealed that parents can transfer impulsivity genes to their children, this means that if your child is impulsive, that child inherited it from you.

Delay Discounting (DD) is the tendency to decline a larger reward someone will receive later for a smaller award they can have immediately.

Andrey Anokhin and his colleagues from the Washington University’s school of medicine did a study of 602 twins.

Anokhin said “[DD], preference for smaller immediate rewards over larger but delayed rewards, is an established behavioral model of impulsive choice, a key component of a broader impulsivity construct.

“Elevated DD has been implicated as a potential intermediate phenotype (endophenotype) for a range of psychopathologies characterized by impulsive decision making, most notably, addictions and psychopathology. … However, few studies examined genetic influences on DD in humans.”

‘From the Herald’


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