A Weird Comparison of Cancer Cells to Fallen Angels

Cells and angels work alike

In ancient Greek and all Abrahamic religions, the relationship between God and man involves angels. An angel believed to be a messenger and a benevolent spirit that can function also as a protective guardian and a heavenly warrior. This is true of angels even Zoroastrianism. Angels have instructions to carry out certain roles and have certain characters. Angels sometimes reward the faithful and punish the unjust or save the weak who are in need of help, and destroy the wicked, who unjustly persecute their fellow creatures.

In the same way, cells are protectors, messengers, and guard the body against harms. A nerve cell is a messenger that carries impulses (instructions, information, or command) from one part of the body to another. White blood cells function as a protective guardian to other cells. They are capable of motility and defend the body against infection and disease by ingesting foreign material and cellular debris by destroying infectious agents and cancer cells or by producing antibodies.

Cells have certain characters that are similar to those of angels too, in some cases, both have specialized functions assigned to them by a higher power and work for the general good of a larger existence, which is the universe in the case of angels and organism, animal or plant in the case of cells. In multi-cellular organisms, cells work individually and as a group to carry out tasks. For example, flat skin cells pack tightly into a layer that protects the underlying tissues from invasion by bacteria. Long, thin muscle cells contract readily to move bones. The numerous extensions from a nerve cell enable it to connect to several other nerve cells in order to send and receive messages rapidly and efficiently.

Rebellious cells and angels

We can agree that both cells and angel work base on certain instructions that must be followed and that the instructions for cells came from nature and that of angels came from God. Like in any social setting these instructions and roles ensure order, harmony and the wellbeing of the whole. The story that a group of angel rebelled against God is a part of Abrahamic religions. They disobeyed the instructions of God and according to this story, this act of disobedience resulted in a battle between the loyal angels and rebel angels and the rebel angels were thrown out of Heaven, hence they are called the ‘fallen’ angels and who have continues to work against the purpose of God.

Every cell has detailed instructions that dictate exactly how they replicate and function. These instructions are analogous to the blueprints that a builder uses to build a house; in the case of cells, however, the blueprints themselves must be duplicated along with cells before they divide so that each daughter cell can keep the instructions that it needs for its own replication. A unit of these instructions is called a gene. Genes determine the characteristics that a cell inherits, such as their shape, function and mode of reproduction.

This can be likened to what happens in the body of a cancer patent. When there is a gene mutation in a cell, the cell abandons the original set of instructions coded in a gene and follows a new set of wrong instructions. The abandoning of the originally coded instructions by cells can be viewed as a rebellion against nature. This can make cells malfunction such as growing and dividing repeatedly and unnecessary on their own, invading nearby or distant tissues and even spread to distant tissues (called metastasis), etc.

One of the instructions coded in a gene is that a cell must commit suicide so as to be replaced in a process called Apoptosis. This as an essential part of the normal cycle of cellular replacement. This also seems to be a check against disease: When mutations build up within a cell, the cell will usually self-destruct but when cells refuse to do so they may divide and give rise to mutated daughter cells, which continue to divide and spread, gradually forming a growth or tissue of undisciplined and malfunctioning rogue cells called a tumour.



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Malignant tumours and angels


Fallen angels are believed to evil and hate God and all people. They cause pain, misery and suffering to people and many time in Abrahamic religions they believed to be the cause of physical and mental illnesses. Similar behaviour can be said of tumours. Malignant or cancerous cells after abandoning their initial instructions and roles become malicious and hence like fallen angels have fallen from good to evil, from benevolence to malevolence. Though tumours can stay localized to the area in which they arise and pose little risk to health. they can grow, invade and destroy nearby healthy tissues, and If they gain access to the circulatory or lymphatic systems they can migrate throughout the body, seeding in distant areas. Tumours that grow and spread aggressively in this way are designated malignant, or cancerous. Left unchecked, they can spread throughout the body and disrupt organs that are necessary to keep an individual healthy and alive.


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