15 Countries with the Most PhD Graduates: See if Your Country is Among

Education is key to economic growth and tertiary education in particular, is at the heart of the innovation that we see around us. New discoveries such as MP3 and GPS technology would never have happened were it not for PhD research. Countries are investing in their higher education systems, and more people than ever before are completing doctoral degrees.

An Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report on countries with the most of PhD graduates in all field in 2014 includes countries from North America (2), Europe (6), Asia (5), Oceania (1), Africa (1); no South American country made the list. The country at the top of the list has 67,449 graduates while the country at the bottom has 2,060 graduates.

The ranking of countries on the list changed when the numbers of graduates were compared with the population (2014) of the respective countries. The United State moved down from 1st to 7th place and South Africa moved up from  the 15th (last) place to the 12th place. South Korea move up from 7th place to top the list. Korea is far ahead of the United kingdom which is the 2nd on the list.  Turkey, South Africa, India, Russia and Indonesia (middle-income countries) shared the bottom of the list.




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