Google Launches “Hire” Recruitment App: Good for You, Bad for Linkedin

Google has launched Hire, a recruiting app that integrates with its G Suite platform, which includes apps like Gmail and Google Calendar. Hire is a tool for posting job openings and managing applicants, allowing the internet search giant to take a stab at sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, as spotted by Axios.

News of the service emerged earlier this year when the Google Hire website was launched with a public sign-in page.

Google Hire has already stirred a pot of controversy. Not long after it was spotted, outlets reported that Google Hire’s process could allow employers access to an applicant’s search history.

A Google representative has since debunked these claims of potential employer snooping, telling TechRadar that private information won’t be shared with your potential new boss.

“[Google Hire] will allow employers to collect candidate applications online,” the spokesperson clarified. “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application.”

This debunks rumors that applications through Google Hire will allow employers to view the search history of candidates.

While users can sign-in to Google Hire with a personal Google account – which does have ample amounts of sensitive information tied to it – the service won’t hand that data over to prospective employers.

Hire includes the following features:

  • Communicate with candidates in Gmail or Hire, and your emails will sync automatically in both.
  • Schedule interviews in Hire with visibility into an interviewer’s schedule from Calendar.
  • Hire automatically includes important details in Calendar invites like contact information, the full interview schedule, and the questions each interviewer should focus on.
  • Hire can track the candidate pipeline, and then make the data available for analysis and visualisation in Sheets.

All US-based businesses under 1,000 employees that use G Suite can now buy Hire. The move by google will sure give Linkedin some sleepless night as it threatens Linkedin dominance of online recruiting media.

Google isn’t the only one putting its spin on the job application process. Facebook has also played around with tools for finding people work, while popular-with-the-youth app Snapchat was recently used as part of the McDonald’s hiring process in Australia.


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