Entertale: the Free Internet TV for Africans Founded by Two US based Nigerians

Entertale is the first African social internet TV that allow users to watch multiple live Black TV channels and movies with friends in real-time. Also, you can create an internet live TV inside the platform. The social part is the interaction where user can watch movies together and video chat seamlessly, follow each other, chat and get notifications.” explained Suleiman Nabado, one of the co-founders, in a chat with Scitech Africa.

Entertainment for Africa by Africa

Suleiman Nabado and Bamidele Adetayo, both Nigerians based in the US founded Entertale LLC, a company that provides tailored-made live streaming media and video-on-demand services for African audience around the world.

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Entertale which started out as a blog and ran mostly to test apps to see how people would want to consume Television and connect with friends was launched in August 2016. It was later relaunched as a multimedia TV network in 2017, broadcasting over 15 TV channels with other sub-brands and formats: Afro MovieMax, neurTV, and Fashion TV.

Entertainment for Africa by Africa

Entertale is different from platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It is specifically designed for black entertainment. This gives it a niche in the market. Unlike the streaming industry’s big boys, Entertale TV streaming is tailored-made for African audience around the world which is a strategic and progressive move as in some corners it is believed targeted content streaming is very likely to be the norm in the next few years.

It is like the traditional free-to-air cable TV

Free live streaming like regular TV stations

Entertale’s basic services are free of charge and like traditional TV it has a wide range of channels. This means you can live stream news, movies, reality shows, fashion, music, and everything else that you might expect to find playing on regular TV stations. It is like the traditional free-to-air cable TV that you are all use to, but Entertale lets you watch live TV in a linear fashion. You are only required to pay for certain content like new movies.

You can watch your favorite TV show together with friends and family

Entertale is also a social media platform. Its social elements differentiate it from other streaming services. Its third-party add-ons allow a host of exciting features between friends. It offers a social coPlay Cinema feature that allows you to rent and see movies with your friends in real-time. You can find out what other users are watching and even chat with your friends and family while you watch a movie with them.

Isn’t this exciting?


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