Checkout these Impressive Innovations Coming Out of Africa

There are lots of innovations going on in Africa which are not getting enough media promotion (Media in Africa don’t cover stories and events on science and tech like their media counterparts in other continents).  There are many amazing inventions going on in Africa that the world should know about so as to attract respect, business and collaborations to the continent.

Africans allover the world must promote African success stories because doing so will encourage a positive mindset in the continent which inturn will lead to more success stories.

Here is a list of some good innovations to get you started:



Jamii is a micro-health insurance startup founded Lilian Makoi from Tanzania that provides products targeting low-income earners, making it easier for them to access healthcare.



Arthur Zang from Cameroon invented the world first medical tablet for heart examinations and remote diagnosis. A Cardiopad is a portable, touch-screen heart monitoring device that records a patient’s heart activity via Bluetooth-connected electrodes and sends a digitized electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to a national healthcare center for a cardiologist to evaluate and return a diagnosis to the patient.



LifeBank is tech startup founded by Temie Giwa-Tubosun from Nigeria. LifeBank helps hospitals and doctors find and order blood types needed through its marketplace app, which has a database of the available blood supplies at various blood banks in Lagos. Also, using WHO-approved equipment and procedures to preserve blood in transit, while it transports the blood to hospitals, doctors and patients on time and in good condition.



The Tryctor is a mini tractor based on a motorcycle design modified into a 3 wheeler using parts which are locally available. The Tryctor has also been designed with a special feature which enables you to use it in place of a generator to produce electricity. The Tryctor was designed by Femi Odeleye from Nigeria.

Moringa Connect


Moringa Connect is an agribusiness startup that supplies bulk moringa oil and moringa tea and powder to brands around the world. The company founded by Kwami Williams from Ghana, sources from 2,500 small farming families throughout Ghana, while also giving them access to capital and technical training.



Artyrama from Nigeria is an online art gallery that puts patrons in touch with artists. The platform gives artists an avenue for selling their work while also promoting contemporary African art.

Kiro’o Games


Do you love video games? check out Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan by Kiro’o Games. Kiro’o Games is a video game, animation, development and publishing company founded by Guillaume Olivier Madiba from Cameroon. “Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan” is the startup’s first game.


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