Wakanda: Zimbabwean Produced Car Powered with Radio Frequency

African youths are obviously handling the challenges of the continents in innovative ways and changing the narrative, despite having to always battle the obsolete mindsets, institutions, processes and systems that dominate the continents.

This brings us to the story of 38 years old Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso from Zimbabwe, the self-taught engineer who dropped out of school at age 14 and has gone ahead to invent some incredible devices and machines.

He is the founder of Saith Technologies and is known to have developed a controversial green energy technology which he started developing in 2003. He says the technology converts radio frequencies directly into clean and renewable energy.

As reported by SABC (video), Chikumbutso has succeeded in putting this technology into a car, making the car the first electric vehicle in the world that converts radio frequencies into energy. This means the electric car does not have a recharging system due to perpetual motion; thus zero emissions. Only pure energy!

This is pure Wakanda technology in all sense. In 2007 Maxwell says he tried to patent this technology but was unable to file a patent because the technology violates the present day natural laws of physics. Instead, patent examiners proposed classifying it as a perpetual motion device.

The technology is so strange that in 2009, some prominent professors in Zimbabwe he discussed the idea of creating a self-powered generator using the technology with, told him it was impossible. However, according to TechZim he went ahead and built the first prototype of the Greener generator which generated 1,200 Watts.

According to Wikipedia, a Perpetual Motion Machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has made an official policy of refusing to grant patents for perpetual motion machines without a working model. And according to the United Kingdom Patent law, perpetual motion machines do not have industrial application. Even back home in Africa, Zimbabwe and South Africa likewise failed to patent the invention.

According to the Saith Technologies‘s website Maxwell Sangulani advanced the ability to produce electricity by exposing an “undisclosed substance (industry secreted) to radio wavelengths, the Eco-friendly power generator has the capacity to funnel the power generated into functional electrical energy.

His assertion is always that he has moved past the rules of preservation of energy as generally comprehended as equivalent shift of energy from a single form to a different one proclaiming that this kind of “discovery” displays the application of basic gel battery packs in series of 220 volts generating a greater output in electrical power (500,000 Watts).”

“The automobile doesn’t need charging from a source of electricity. It entails just 5 normal gel batteries to begin producing sufficient capacity to start the vehicle and charge the batteries (continuous automobile). Technologically, Perpetual Motion states that the moment a physical object begins moving except if obstructed by another force, it is constantly going to continue moving forever.

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The simple pendulum in secondary school science can be a close illustration. Sangulani, having said that, proposes that perpetual motion units utilize more power compared to the output in which he did the contrary; a lesser amount of power to get more output. Because of this (repelling the acknowledged laws), as outlined by him, his engineering is not capable of filing a patent globally.”

Chikumbutso met with Angolan born pastor and businessman Dr Teddy De Almeida of Bongani Group ( one of the biggest energy companies in Angola) in Johannesburg, who bought into Maxwell’s vision and contributed over $500,000 seed money desiring no return for his investment. No documents signed, just a stern warning to use the money wisely.

After some research and maybe visions, Chikumbutso who told TechZim in an interview, that he learnt most of what he knows about electronics from strange visions and visible blueprints from God did not know any electronics at all, eventually completed his Greener Machine and invited Dr Almeida to take up equity in Saith Technologies.

With investment from Dr Teddy De Almeida Chikumbutso was able to manufacture the first prototypes that use his outstanding technology.

Chikumbutso inventions have raised a lot of scepticism especially among non-Africans due to the company secrets way the technology works, this use of perpetual motion which is seen as impossible, the fact that present-day knowledge of Radio Frequency cannot be proved to have enough energy to power a car, and the fact that the invention is coming from black Africa makes the skepticism stronger.

Chris Joubert who refers to himself as an Electronic Engineer is among those who are sceptical about this invention. The insisted that mobile phones like latest iPhones which have batteries that are about 7-7.5Wh cannot be charged with radio waves from a reasonable distance talk less of electric cars which generally uses between 15-20 kilowatt-hours per 100km.

“The biggest AM broadcast antennas use 10s of kilowatts, but in accordance with the Inverse-Square Law, the power available per unit area drops exponentially as you move away from the antenna”, he said.

“Harvesting radio wave energy is not completely out of the question, but the cutting edge in this field of research deals with powering micro-electronic circuitry which requires extremely low amounts of power.” He added.

Another sceptic, Winston Davis said the report may be an infomercial scam to get investor’s interest in the portrayed inventions and that Chikumbutso technology requires electrical-engineering-science peer-review experiments to confirm or debunk the realness of this representation and report the finding in a relevant, reputable scientific journal.

Since the year 2,000, we have seen more young Africans increasingly making positive impacts in the society. This is despite the fact that they are not getting the needed support from their leaders, the system or the society itself. We must keep this trend growing by supporting any innovator or anyone who attempts to produce anything of positive value in the continent.

Chikumbutso and other Africans making efforts to add value to life in Africa should be supported by all means to turn their imaginations into reality. We should care less about western thoughts and ways towards our innovations when working to build Africa. We should create independent systems and cultivate independent minds sets.

We should look inward and encourage the development of African technologies. If a solution works for us, then it must be promoted, whether or not the technology is understood by ‘yesterday people’ or approved by Europe or America.

Chikumbutso has also developed, among others, a helicopter that runs on 5/6 different fuels. According to the TechZim interview, he has had earlier inventions which he did not improve on due to lack of funds.

In 1999, he built his first successful project which was a Radio broadcast transmitter made the headlines on ZBC news and in 2001, he developed what he called the Digital Navigation Facilitator which is used to facilitate landing of aircraft from variables that include the size of the aircraft, its position in altitude, speed and so on.


10 thoughts on “Wakanda: Zimbabwean Produced Car Powered with Radio Frequency

  1. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics 🙆
    But its right there then,how is it impossible,?
    Acceptance is hard i must say.
    This man is innovative.

    Africa rising


  2. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics…lol – With God, all this are possible!!!!


  3. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics…lol – With God, all things are possible!!!!


  4. All this is doing is harming the credibility of future african scientists. I’m from Zimbabwe and this guy has never tested his inventions in public. It’s possible with God but God has no part in the lies this man is saying.


  5. this article sadly encourages credulousness.
    please do the research so you understand why perpetual motion is not a useful concept in design.


  6. Great article!! How come Chikumbutso left Africa and went to America??He should of had his head quarters in Africa..


  7. Ah lads, come on. If you’re going to post on a website call sci tech Africa you shouldn’t be embarrassing the actual scientists on the continent with this kind of nonsense.


  8. You fuckin’ idiots. There’s enough stupidity, crimes, cruelty and pure mongolism done by black men…you behave like five year olds on cocaine. For fuck’s sake, quit publishing this kind of shit, or face the ultimate fate: Every white person leaves africa, the west quits trade and you are leaved upon your own “independence” and “liberty”…c’mon, this is a retard kinda joke, eh?


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