Malawi’s Stanford Muyila Wins Young Scientist Award in Japan for his Agricultural Innovation

Stanford Muyila, a 32-year-old Malawian has been awarded the Young Scientist Award in Japan during the Japan-China-Korea Grassland Conference for successfully creating a low-cost method for increasing the nutritional value of agricultural waste meant to be used as animal feed.

Stanford Muyila

Usually, the process of producing animal feed from agricultural wastes requires the residues to undergo sterilisation using an equipment called autoclave. However, in developing countries such as Malawi, there is low adoption rate for such equipment due to the procuring cost.

Sugarcane bagasse | Image credit:

Muyila, who works in the Ministry of Agriculture in Malawi is as an Animal Health and Livestock Development Officer and currently studying towards a Masters degree at the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Japan carried out a research on “The Effect of Pre-treatment Method (Autoclaving and Pasteurization) on the Nutritional Value of Bagasse (the dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugar cane) Incubated with White-Rot Fungi.” Muyila a found method that successfully pasteurized and incubated the bagasse without the need for sterilization equipment. He discovered that the method has the same impact of nutritional value improvement technologies. It means that we don’t really need those expensive pieces of machinery.

Muyila research which was presented at the Japan-China-Korea Grassland Conference for the 2018 Young Scientist Award, along with other contenders impressed the judges in Sapporo, Japan, and Muyila was awarded 2018 Young Scientist award at the conference. As part of his award, Muyila received a scholarship to pursue further studies in Japan through the JICA program of ABE Initiative for youth.


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