About us

Scitech Africa is a brand that promotes science and technology its use to drive growth and development in Africa.

The aim of this brand is to establish a culture of creativity, invention, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, and to also establish science and technology driven Sustainable development that will improve life in Africa.

In order to achieve this aim, pupils, students, teacher, scientists, engineers, science communicators, science and technology writer and the general public are engaged through informative, enlightening, educative and entertaining science communications and outreach programs, projects,events, products and service.

SciTech Africa Communication and outreach Services (STACOS)

STACOS is the business arm of Scitech Africa Brand. STACOS offers tailored science & tech communication and outreach services to individuals and organisations. You can read more about our services here.

SciTech Africa blog | a blog for science and technology in Africa

We also operate a science & tech blog which is a medium for science individuals to blog about topics relating to Africa. It is a platform for discussion, opinions, thoughts, theories, stories and commentaries on daily science and tech issues in Africa. You can read blog posts here or even become a blogger here.