About us

SciTech Africa is a brand promoting science and technology in Africa owned by SciTech Africa Communication and Outreach Services (STACOS). STACOS is a Nigerian information service company. We offer services tailored to strategically promote, publicize, improve and market science or tech based organisations; their programs, projects, services or products.

We are made up of a team of young professionals with science and tech background, and a creative mind-set required for innovation in this age of information and digital technology. Our team consists of professionals with Master degree in science fields and more than 8 years of experience in Information Technology projects.

We are specialists in Science & tech communication and outreach, internet and digital marketing, and digital technology applications.

We develop and manage tailored communication and outreach concepts, systems, platforms, programs, or events for organisations. We also run the only science and tech communication blog and social media accounts in the country. This has made SciTech Africa a very influential brand as people look up to us for information on science and tech sector in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost driver of a culture of curiosity, learning, innovation, entrepreneurship that will aid scientific and technological development in Africa, and to be the premium Science & Tech communication, outreach and promotion service provider in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tailored informative, educative and entertaining Science & Tech communication, outreach and promotion services to individuals, tech companies, academic & research organisations, government and the general public.

SciTech Africa Blog | a blog for science and technology in Africa

SciTech Africa Blog is a medium for individuals to blog about topics relating to Africa and a platform for discussions, opinions, thoughts, theories, stories and commentaries on daily science and tech issues in Africa. The blog enjoys a large followership from Africans at home and in diaspora.

Social Media Presence

With our several social media (official and personal) accounts, we have the capability to reach more than 180,000 people with information on Facebook, 10,000 people on twitter and more than 30,000 professionals on LinkedIn.

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